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23/07/16: anime avatars
23/07/16: kpop avatars
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About me

This site is ran by 2 sisters. Rebecca & Jessica.
Jessica is a schooled graphic designer
and Rebecca is self taught.
This site will mainly be Kpop anime
those kinds of things.
Were not going to be a normal recourse site for websites, Were mainly blog/facebook things.


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New Day

Hello and Welcome to the new & improved brootalz. while it was kind of abandoned this last year while i was busy with job searching and school my sister stepped up with the idea of making this site into a kpop & anime oriented site since most of our interests have left the siteworld and has focused upon the world of both kpop & anime as we both collect things having to do with these subject. So i hope you enjoy and please feel free to request what you would like to see. No promises it will get done but we will keep it in mind. We will attempt to update once a week.
Owners, Jessica & Rebecca

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