06/09/16: Collage banners
06/09/16: ulzzang avatars
06/09/16: iphone backsgrounds
06/09/16: anime avatars
06/09/16: kpop avatars
23/07/16: timeline covers
23/07/16: anime avatars
23/07/16: kpop avatars
23/07/16: phone backgrounds

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This site is ran by 2 sisters. Rebecca & Jessica.
Jessica is a schooled graphic designer
and Rebecca is self taught.
This site will mainly be Kpop anime
those kinds of things.
Were not going to be a normal recourse site for websites, Were mainly blog/facebook things.


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New Day

Hello and Welcome to BROOTALZ. we have changed image hosting sites since imgur hasnt been working for us AT ALL, updated ALL link backs to our stuff and added generally everywhere so where ever you click theres new =].
Owners, Jessica & Rebecca

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