12/11/16: ulzzang avatars
12/11/16: kpop avatars
06/09/16: Collage banners
06/09/16: ulzzang avatars
06/09/16: iphone backsgrounds
06/09/16: anime avatars
06/09/16: kpop avatars
23/07/16: timeline covers
23/07/16: anime avatars
23/07/16: kpop avatars
23/07/16: phone backgrounds

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This site is ran by 2 sisters. Rebecca & Jessica.
Jessica is a schooled graphic designer
and Rebecca is self taught.
This site will mainly be Kpop anime
those kinds of things.
Were not going to be a normal recourse site for websites, Were mainly blog/facebook things.


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New Day

Got lazy laltey and today thought its time to update xD Hello and Welcome to BROOTALZ. We've updated avatars today =] Ulzzang & Kpop.
Owners, Jessica & Rebecca

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